Language Levels

All language courses are divided into various levels which correspond the established framework CEFR. The levels are to be studied consecutively, which explains why a correct assessment before the beginning of a course is essential. Levels A correspond to elementary language use, levels B to independent language use and levels C to competent language use.


No previous knowledge at all is needed for this level. If you wish to learn a language anew, this is where you want to start. At the end of a A1 course you will be able to understand and use simple sentences and expressions. You will also learn to say elementary and specific things about yourself and to communicate in straightforward, every day situations.


On this level you will learn to communicate in familiar, routinely situation using short sentences. With simple means you will be able to tell a little more about yourself (origins, education, occupation, etc.) and to describe simple contexts with frequently used expressions.


On this level you will be able to master most situations which you might encounter while travelling a country where the language of your choosing is spoken. You are able to communicate in every day situations as long as clear standard language is used. You can tell about experiences, describe wishes and dreams, and you can express your opinion in simple words.


On this level you can master most situations in the learned language, and you able to understand the main points of complex texts. In your professional discipline you can participate in specific conversations using the right terminology. You can illustrate your opinion understandably and you can communicate with native speakers spontaneously.


On this level you have a broad knowledge of the learned language. You can communicate in a competent and understandable manner, and you are able to use your skills in your job life as well as in your education. You are able to understand longer, challenging texts and their implicit meanings, and you can discuss them with others.


When you reach this level you will be able to understand almost everything in the learned language without any difficulties. You can express yourself spontaneously, fluently and specifically, and thus possess almost native-speaker like skills.



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