1. One lessons lasts 45 minutes. The lessons are taught in double lessons of 90 minutes collectively.
  2. During the official school holidays as well as official bank holidays, group courses do not take place. Only private and holiday courses take place during school holidays.
  3. Course participans only receive lessons in the language they signed up for..
  4. To enrol for a private course, you have to sign up for at least 10 lessons.
  5. Fees, i.e. payments for the whole course, need to be paid in consultation with the school’s management until the end of the current month. An enrolment charge of 50CHF (supplies, photocopies etc.) is to be paid with the first payment.
  6. Payments need to be paid at the end of the month. In case of delay, we will send you a payment reminder, followed by an admonition, which costs an additional 20 CHF.
  7. The duration of the contract is determined individually.
  8. There is no probation period for private and group courses.
  9. You cannot resign from a contract during the school year.
  10. The school’s management is allowed to terminate a contract without notice if the course participant or a parent does not comply to the contract’s regulations.
  11. If you are ill or indisposed for any other reason and cannot attend a lesson, please make sure to let your teacher or the school’s management know at least 24h beforehand. If you miss a lesson for health related reasons, it can be made good for in another point in time. In all other cases the management decides whether a lesson can be repeated or not. If the school or the teacher receive notice of your absence too late or not at all, the lessons cannot be repeated.
  12. The booked lessons have to be utilised in the booked school year. A transfer to the next school year or to another person is impossible.
  13. It is possible that you may have to change a teacher during the semester/ course.
  14. If a customer headhunts or employs staff of the Mondbach GmbH during and 24 months after the end of the contract, the customer has to pay 20 000CHF to Mondbach GmbH. I have received, read and accepted the valid general terms and regulations.



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